Restore PostgreSQL database running in Docker Container

Restore PostgreSQL database running in Docker Container

When you are working on a feature that involves implementing new queries to the database, you may want to use a local environment to run your SQL queries instead of running these commands against the production instance.

This is a good idea if this database or the dump in question doesn’t include any sensitive records.

Avoid dumping your database if sensitive data may be included in such dump, it’s a big deal to leak sensitive data.

If you are not sure on what does sensitive data means, here’s some examples:

  • Credit Card details
  • Sevice Tokens
  • Passwords (Even hashes)
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Physhical Addresses

Running a PostgreSQL instance using Docker

Open your terminal and paste the following docker command:

docker run --name my_fav_pg_instance  
  -d postgres

Here we are pulling the postgres image on it’s latest release (postgres:latest). Then run docker ps to ensure the instance is running as expected:

docker ps

# Expect similar output
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE      COMMAND                  CREATED              STATUS              PORTS      NAMES
0a6dd23bac73   postgres   "docker-entrypoint.s…"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute   5432/tcp   my_fav_pg_instance

This means our PostgreSQL image was builded and is now running on a container with the ID: 0a6dd23bac73, the PostgreSQL instance is reachable on port 5432.

Recover the database using an existing dump file

First let’s execute a CREATE DATABASE query in our dockerized PostgreSQL instance, this is the database we are going to use to run our “Recovery” or “Restore” process, I’m calling it back_from_dump.

docker exec -e PGPASSWORD=secret -i 0a6dd23bac73 psql -U postgres -d postgres -p 5432 -c 'CREATE DATABASE back_from_dump'

Then you must execute the pg_restore command through docker as well:

docker exec -e PGPASSWORD=secret -i 0a6dd23bac73 pg_restore -U postgres -p 5432 -v -d postgres < ~/Files/back_from_dump.dump

If it happens that you have ACL or Owner features in your dump, you can skip them using the --no-owner, --no-acl options.

docker exec -e PGPASSWORD=secret -i 0a6dd23bac73 pg_restore -U postgres -p 5432 -v -d postgres --no-owner --no-acl < ~/Files/back_from_dump.dump


To summarize, you are able to execute a dump on a PostgreSQL instance everywhere using the Dockerized environment, make sure your dump files are safe and sensitive data free.

If you find any issues with this note, please don’t hesitate to open a PR or issue in my GitHub!

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